My campaign is all about moving Brockville forward. Change is all around us, and in order to adapt, I believe we have to invest in key projects to ensure that Brockville is a great place to live, work, and visit. My platform is focused on five key areas to keep the city moving forward:


Moving our local economy forward

To create momentum in our local economy, we have to focus on attracting business and driving tourism. As a business owner based in Brockville for almost thirty years, I speak from experience when I say that this city is a great place to house a business. If elected, I will personally spearhead a province-wide campaign to attract businesses to Brockville, working in collaboration with the Brockville Chamber of Commerce, the St. Lawerence Corridor Economic Commission and Brockville’s economic development office. I will also continue to prioritize tourism by working with volunteers to continue fundraising for the railway tunnel with the goal of moving on to the next phase of the project if we’re able to cover the costs.


Moving seniors & families forward

Just as important as attracting people to Brockville is focusing on the needs of the communities that are already here. The latest census shows that 21.0% of Brockville’s population is made up of seniors, significantly higher than the national proportion of 14.8%. I am committed to working with seniors to meet their unique needs at City Hall. I’m also committed to providing services to Brockville families. With the recent and impending closures of local schools such as Prince of Wales, Toniata and Commonwealth, I will be an advocate for the twin pad arena and school project on the old Philips Cable site, working with the provincial government to secure infrastructure funding for the next step of the initiative.



Moving people forward on our streets

Our city can only work if people are able to literally move forward on our streets safely and efficiently. I will work with our MPP Steve Clark to champion widening of the 401 in Eastern Ontario. This will both address safety concerns in light of increased accidents and improve efficiency in the corridor, making Brockville easier to access from neighbouring communities. I am also committed to implementing traffic light pilot projects on Stewart Boulevard and Parkdale Avenue with the goal of creating “green waves”, synchronized green lights to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. Finally, I will invest in traffic calming measures on residential roads to improve safety for pedestrians and residents.

Moving our arts community forward

One of Brockville’s compelling and charming features is our vibrant arts community. From the annual Brockville Lions Music Festival, to groups like the Brockville Operatic Society and the Brockville Theatre Guild, to the renowned Music Theatre Performance Program at the Brockville campus of St. Lawrence College, our local arts and theatre groups constantly contribute to the city’s liveliness. As co-founder of Brockville’s first improv comedy troupe, I know better than anyone that arts need support to survive. I will work with the local business community to ensure that arts communities have affordable access to appropriate performance venues and gallery spaces.


Moving your ideas forward

I believe that your ideas should constantly be heard at City Hall, and that starts with making City Hall accessible to you. While meetings are currently only accessible to viewers who attend in person, I will introduce streaming technology so that anyone can tune in from home, both live and after the meeting has ended. I will also be introducing a participatory budgeting initiative, where part of the City budget each year will be earmarked for projects submitted and voted on by citizens to improve their immediate communities. Many other municipalities have introduced participatory budgeting and it has been shown to increase government transparency and accountability, public participation, and democracy in local communities.